Calonge wineries with history

Catalonia has been a wine-producing region for many years, and within this region, Baix Empordà is one of the most prominent. Calonge has played an important role in this traditional wine production. The Calonge wineries have a rich and diverse history dating back to Roman times. And although over time, winemaking techniques have been improving, Calonge is a reference in terms of the traditional ones that were passed down from generation to generation. Let's take a short tour of what we can find.

Emblematic bunches of grapes

A wide variety of wines are produced, with some grape varieties, among which stand out:

Grenache: This red grape is one of the most common varieties in Calonge and is used to create smooth, fruity red wines with notes of red fruits and spices.

Carignan: Another important black grape that gives structure and body to wines with a taste of black fruits and spices.

Xarel·lo: This white grape is essential for the production of the region's traditional sparkling wines and brings freshness and acidity.

Macabeu: Another white grape that adds citrus and floral notes to sparkling wines.

Charming wineries

Mas Molla: it is located in the Tinar de Calonge basin, a valley that flows into the Mediterranean Sea. In the heart of the Costa Brava is the island where farmers still maintain traditional family farming, based on their own harvest and direct sales at the farm or in the market. Since 1338, generation after generation of the Molla family has cultivated its vineyards and orchards on the slopes of the Gavarres and even today offers you peasant wine throughout the year and dry fruits in the summer.

Mas Ponjoan: it is another winemaking jewel that also has a kinship with Mas Molla. With an environment surrounded by nature and vineyards, this farmhouse also offers a unique experience in the production of artisanal wines. Their passion for viticulture and respect for history are reflected in their products.

Celler Pereclara: it is a small winery with a great devotion to the products offered by the land. He uses traditional techniques to create unique wines full of character.

Ca l'Àvia: it is a farmhouse with an extensive agricultural and wine-growing history. It is a place of work and devotion for generations of farmers.

Cellars with DO Empordà.

The Denomination of Origin reaches all the producers of the picturesque territory of the Empordà. It is currently a renowned appellation of origin and has produced wines of high quality, some of them internationally recognized. Among the numerous wineries that are part of this denomination, we find three from Calonge:

Clos d'Agon is perhaps one of the most prestigious, located in a stunning natural setting close to the coast. Their wines are the result of the harmony between the landscape, the land and passion.

Cellar Mas Eugeni is dedicated to the production of wines that reflect the unique personality of the region and the passion of its winegrowers, we find it among the sea of ​​vineyards of Calonge, in the area of ​​Fondils and surrounded by forests.

Celler Viníric is a winery that combines innovation and tradition to create exceptional wines. It has 8 hectares of its own vineyards.

The Calonge wineries are much more than wine production sites; they are guardians of its history, the culture and tradition of Catalonia.