Tasting 🍷 special for you!

Well into autumn, a season of colors and contrasts. The nights are starting to get longer and humidity prevails... It seems that the weather is changing and the climate that surrounds us often does not correspond to the season in which we are. All these changes and new sensations are also noticed by animals and even plants!! Trees whose leaves don't quite fall when it's due or they do so early, and what about the fruit? The one that is in season is moving forward... Everything depends on this crazy weather!

If you visit the Baix Empordà, you will see the vineyards and you will be able to experience the harvest or taste one of our wines 😉, the result of all these weather changes.

If you decide to walk through the middle of the town of Calonge you will discover a 3D representation of what could look like one of the works of the Dutch painter Mondrian.

This painting stands surrounded by vines of various varieties and if you are a lover of contemporary art you will recognize it immediately. It is a recognition that the population of Calonge has wanted to give to our wine culture that has been rooted in this land for centuries. Which has led to the proliferation of different wineries, one of which we will talk about below.

It was in the last century when a French 🇫🇷-Belgian 🇧🇪 couple fell in love with these lands and, with the advice of expert French winemakers, planted non-native varieties 🍇 to create a unique wine each year based on of the temporary turns of the seasons in this land touched by the tramuntana🌬. It is for this reason that the wine from Celler Clos d'Agon (Mas Gil) is unique, based on the place where it is produced and the climatic circumstances of each year.

The big unknown is what the result will be like... what will the resulting wine be like in these hot months with little precipitation?