Hiking in the Autumn

The cold of autumn is coming, but it is not an obstacle for those who are used to hiking routes. What is a hobby, or rather passion, pushes you to go out and want to discover new paths, enjoying nature while taking care of yourself and reconnecting with yourself.

During this time of year, the Baix Empordà is dressed in different colors transforming both the topography of the land and the climate. Today we bring you three different proposals so you can enjoy the environment with all 5 senses while practicing your favorite sport:

A route for Sight and Touch:

search, observe and enjoy

In this first proposal we take you to the Gavarres, dyed in brown, yellow, green and orange colors. In autumn the mushrooms start to grow under the leaves of the cork oaks, the pines... All this will immerse you in the route in a very special way, looking for and observing each place, covering each kilometer in a special way .
You will be able to rest at some point to listen to a barn owl or a forager and perhaps enjoy the touch, feeling the moisture of the leaves that hide the greatest treasures of this season...which are...mushrooms!

In Les Gavarres, the most characteristic is the reig, which melts in the mouth and has an orange color that makes it stand out among the fallen oak leaves.

Remember that the munyatnyas de les Gavarres are an Area of ​​Natural Interest (EIN) and we must all take care of them.

  • Climb to the Ángels Sanctuary
  • Type: Circular
  • Difficulty: High
  • Duration: 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Distance: 16.2 km
  • Slope: 446 meters

A route for Hearing and Smell:

It tightens the skin and fills the lungs

If you are looking for a route that allows you to enjoy an impressive and characteristic landscape of the area, this is, without a doubt: the closest to the coast. This option will delight anyone who tries it, breathing the sea air and listening to the force of the waves breaking against the rocks of the coves.
In autumn, the Mediterranean climate stands out for bringing us 🌧unstable precipitation with a relative humidity of around 70-75% and quite pronounced in the mornings covered by fog🌫.

The benefits of the sea breeze are recognized around the world:

👉Stimulates neurotransmitters.
👉 Promotes the production of serotonin.
👉Helps sleep.
👉Restores the PH of the skin.
👉Helps to purify the respiratory system.

Imagine the result of a sea breeze mixed with the north wind of the Empordà...do you dare to try this option?

  • Round trip: Punta d'en Ramis to Sant Antoni de Calonge
  • Type: Circular
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Distance: 8.73 km
  • Slope: 195 meters

A route for taste:

we make legs or butts and fill bellies

Finally, if what you're looking for is a trail where you can exercise more intensely in terms of legs, and why not do the butt, we're sharing an option with quite a gradient with a well-deserved hairpin ending to reward the effort you've made.

It will be about 🏃 touring part of Romanyà, where you will find a series of elements of great natural and cultural value. Three important megaliths stand out among them: the Dolmen de la Cova d'en Daina, the Menhir de la Murta and the Cista de la Carretera de Calonge.
In terms of nature, the presence of at least three monumental trees within the cork forests stands out.

On the way back, going down to the village of Calonge, we suggest you have a hearty breakfast in some emblematic restaurants, with bread with tomato and sausages, a sausage and a good red wine from the Empordà.

  • Romanyà Fountains-Dolmens-Menhir-Monumental trees-Viewpoints
  • Type: Circular
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Distance: 20.5 km
  • Slope: 549 meters

"I go to nature to calm and heal myself, and to put my senses in order"

John Burroughs, naturalist writer.

In the practice of hiking you will find one of the sports activities with the most positive adjectives I know: economical, simple, healthy, fun, ... and the best thing is that it adapts to all levels, there will always be a trail adapted to your capabilities