Wines touched by the Tramuntana 🌬

The wines of Tramuntana 🌬, the wines of the Empordà territory, are the heirs of history from the beginning of the wine trade in Catalonia. Wines that emerge from vines vigorously cradled by the north wind and cared for by the people of the territory, who, as the song says, "we are touched by the north wind" too!

Around 400 BC when the vineyard mail starts in the Empordà. If you want to try the native varieties, you can order Garnachas and Carignan wines, which here in the Empordà we call lledoner and samsó.

If you prefer to taste the recovered varieties, from those planted by our ancestors 🌱, look for red sorrel, red samsó or monastrell, which are already part, among others, of the varieties authorized by the DO Empordà.

In 100 BC fermented wine was exported from Roses throughout the Roman Empire and Morocco. It was made in 🏺amphoras from Empúries and you can visit the vestiges of history in the ruins of Empúries.

Calonge is the town in Empordà with the largest area of ​​vineyards and a range of old varieties have been found there that have not yet been incorporated into DO wines, but which you can taste in some of the town's wineries, we recommend the Jaqué variety. The proposals for wine tourism activities in the territory are very wide, if you are looking for a winery with history, recognition, committed to the environment, we recommend Celler Clos d'Agon (Mas Gil). Written records confirm that its vineyards were already there in the 15th century and today a wide range of both indigenous and international varieties are cultivated there.

If you want to enjoy a complete experience regarding the harvest and how the wine is made, every year Calonge and Sant Antoni de Calonge Town Council in collaboration with different wineries in the area organize days called Harvest & family This year 2022 is the VII Vintage & Family.

A different proposal in harvest time is to walk through the Tinar Basin. On this route you can discover an infinite number of new sensations, smells and unique images...A route between the vineyards of Calonge and Sant Antoni. The movement of tractors, traffic lights and the smell of the breeze will transport you to one of the best times to stroll through the vineyards. If you want more information about the Route for the Conca del Tinar, click here.