We continue to improve our facilities

These improvements have basically been made in the buildings on the second line of the sea, taking into account comfort, prevention, security and digitization. We remain committed to inclusive and sustainable tourism and designed so that you take the best experience to our apartments.💙

New toilets at Gibert-2

All the bathrooms of our apartments in the Gibert-2 building have been renovated with a modern and light design. Bathtubs have been replaced by shower trays where saving water is the greatest value. The taps and showers have a built-in system where, together with the aerators, it also helps us to save more money.

A part of them will be accessible by people with reduced mobility and is wheelchair accessible. We have a shower chair available to customers with this need with access without any architectural barrier and with enough space to develop normally.

Soon they will pass the corresponding audit!

We have a new stunning staircase!

We have updated fire prevention in the Gibert-2 building. Our idea was to integrate the staircase into the building as a whole and that is why every last detail has been thought of. The result, as you will see, not only meets the conditions of use, but at the same time has an innovative design that enhances this element in perfect architectural relationship with the building.

Digital transformation of locks

From now on, if you stay in Gibert-2 or Gibert-3 apartments you will find electronic locks and updated doors!

Apart from their design, these locks allow you to enter with the use of a mobile phone or with a code, without having to use keys or worry about losing or forgetting them. The entrance doors have been "recycled" from the existing ones, covered with materials extracted from controlled forests and complying with current regulations.

Surveillance cameras and lighting in common areas

We believe that security is an important aspect for our clients. That is why this year we have incorporated four new surveillance cameras for the access areas to the buildings, doors and parking.

We have also unified all the interior lighting of the Gibert-2 and Gibert-3 building with LEDs and brightness sensors.

We renew the SICTED badge

We believe that standardized certifications are the best guarantee. We are very proud to have renewed the SICTED quality badge for tourist quality for another year.

A recognition that shows our effort to continue working with enthusiasm with the aim of making your vacations easier and better every time!