Routes to enjoy the good weather

Sant Antoni de Calonge has the privilege of being located in an unbeatable environment, a unique place full of contrasts where sea and mountain meet.

If you are a lover of hiking or cycling, you will find a wide range of routes that can be enjoyed all year round, but which are especially pleasant to practice when the weather is good.

Today we discover some spaces in our territory to explore on foot or by bike.


The mountainous area of ​​the Gavarres massif, practically uninhabited, was recognized in 1992 as an Area of ​​Natural Interest for its cultural and social values.

The multitude of mountain routes that we can do in Les Gavarres have been signposted to make them more accessible to hikers and visitors. This massif has an important megalithic legacy, among which we highlight the En Daina cave and the Murtra menhir.


And how not? we tell you about our beloved patrol roads; the coastal path that follows the coast of the Costa Brava between the towns of Blanes and Portbou. It was created with the intention of communicating the different towns, beaches and coves of the coast, but mainly it was used for the control of smuggling and the estraperlo or maritime black market by the state authorities.

Today, these paths can be traveled on foot and/or by bicycle and allow you to discover the most idyllic corners and wonderful coves of our territory.


The greenways are old railway infrastructures that are currently disused and have been converted into cycling and hiking itineraries. They are legally recognized routes, therefore, they guarantee the accessibility and universality of users, without age or physical ability limits.

In recent years, work has been done to unite different populations and to guarantee quality greenways.