La Sostenibilitat- Un dels nostres objectius

When we make improvements to our apartments, we're excited to share them with you. If, in addition, it goes hand in hand with that of sustainable development, it does even more for us!

Hand wash or dishwasher?

There are different studies that show that following good practices, the dishwasher can guarantee the lowest water consumption, apart from being a very practical and comfortable element.

Now if you stay in the apartments in the Gibert Building 3, you can already use them. We have started to install them and will gradually extend it to all the apartments.

Beautiful facilities yes, sustainable too!

You will also find new products outside the grounds of our Apartments. If you look carefully, you'll see a new poster to find us more easily. You will see better in the parking lot, as we have adapted part of the lighting with more spotlights and solar panels.

Recycled paper, which is just as well

Now we can say that the paper used in all areas of our company and in the apartments is recycled. The system used by the supplier company dares with an innovative system to give a second life to cardboard and beverage containers; so we have a good product while taking care of the environment!

ECO amenities and cleaning products!

Most welcome products you will find in the apartment are eco-friendly. Also with regard to the cleaning products that are used, they meet this condition. They are made with substances that are not harmful to the environment or to the health of humans and animals.