Have you experienced the Costa Brava Carnival?

Have you ever experienced Carnival on the Costa Brava?

Local lovers of this festivity take it very seriously. At the moment we have them busy with preparations, designing costumes 🤡, sewing, creating choreographies, accessories and a thousand other things! And now it's your turn to look for the bag of costumes, wigs and outlandish clothes; put on make-up, paint your face or hair, so as not to be out of tune.

In Calonge and Sant Antoni we live it very intensely and festively!

Every year the dates of the Carnival celebration change, and it is not by chance. The dates of Carnival are determined based on the lunar calendar 🌓 and Lent. Specifically seven weeks after the first full moon after the winter solstice, hence the different dates each year.
The starting shot will be given on Fat Thursday, a day marked by lardon cakes and egg sausage. The different streets will take place at the weekend. Everything ends on Ash Wednesday, the day to bury the sardine 🐟 and say goodbye to Carnival.
To celebrate the Carnival you need to come without much sleep, don't expect to sleep too much, on the same day of the parade as is tradition, the gangs will wake you up very early, very early with the "Despertà", music and cherinola for break of dawn through the main streets of the municipality, to infect us with joy just by opening our eyes.

Here's a glimpse of the funniest, craziest and most extravagant party we celebrate as a town and pretty much everyone participates.