Evening activities with children

If you are thinking of making a getaway, we propose two to do with the little ones at home.
Now that the time comes for school holidays and the little ones should not get up early, we share evening activities to perform with them. A different way to have fun!!!

If you are adventurous...

10 minutes from Sant Antoni de Calonge, you can choose to climb the trees and bridges hanging over 13 meters high in the "Adventure night" of the Aventura Park of Playa de Aro.

With their circuits adapted for different ages, where they will climb networks and adventure stairs, cross bridges hung and go down the different ziplines. And all in an English setting, which at night does not lose its charm.

They love the night...

The Astronomical Observatory of Albanyà proposes several activities for children. An unparalleled sensory experience to enjoy together is the nocturnal astronomical baptism. Once night and accompanied by astronomers will make an audiovisual tour of the sky, yes, adapting the content of the astronomical baptism to the weather circumstances of the moment and, at the time of the year in which we are because so, the experience is very enriching.

They fall in love with sunsets..

Thus, the sunset excursions will be a very rewarding experience for your eyes, and you can do it from the sea!

When the sun starts to set, you have the possibility of going out in kayak and paddling to a place where, from the sea we will see how the sun sets. The light and its effect on the sea during the sunset will leave you with a unique smile and well-being. Enjoy this experience with The paddel point, it has them located right on the premises in our apartments.