A very rewarding first quarter of 2021.

We could define this first quarter of 2021 as short but intense. For Holy Week we met up with some of you, which made us especially excited. And although we are still in moments of uncertainty, our position is optimistic and we think that day by day everything will get better.

That's why we don't stop! We want that when we meet again, our apartments will be better and our whole team better prepared to make you have a good stay.

Do you want to know what we did this term?

We explain it to you!

Understanding accessibility is the first step to providing tourism to everyone!

The concept of accessibility must be understood from a broad perspective; all people with or without disabilities have the right to enjoy the holidays and all the services offered.
From the Baix Empordà we have always empathized with the groups that suffer from a disability, and for years public and private administrations have been working together on different initiatives with the aim of adapting accessible services and activities. We can place the official starting point in 2017, with the implementation of the Tourist Accessibility Plan promoted by the County Council. Subsequently, progress has been made to improve.

We are working to start adapting the apartments, thus contributing to inclusive tourism. During this first term, we have trained in an accessibility course that has allowed us to understand the reality of people with reduced mobility and learn first-hand about their difficulties and needs.
One more step to break down social and infrastructural barriers in our accommodations! 

We have been awarded as a socially responsible company

"Our priorities are the well-being of our team, dealing with suppliers and collaborators in the environment and commitment to the planet"
Apartments Gibert

We always take care of these values ​​that are so important for our society and the environment in which we live. And we are doing it especially carefully in times of pandemic. Achieving it is being the best prize for us. Some of the actions during the last year that have been a priority for us:
-Make the apartments available to the SSIBE (Baix Empordà Interatls Health Services) during the months of total confinement.
-Maintain our fixed staff.
-Purchase practically all cleaning products with the ECO label.

The Regional Council has given us a special recognition of "Socially Responsible Company during the pandemic" for this commitment, which makes us feel very proud of the work of the entire Gibert Apartments team in the face of the health emergency.

We know what you like!

Each of you comes with different expectations during the holidays. Now that we've known each other for a while, we want you to have a fulfilling stay, and for this reason, we've started collaborating with companies in the municipality to offer you activities and experiences.

If you've visited us over Easter, you've already been able to enjoy visits to the prestigious Clos d'Agón Cellar or we've made it easier for you to rent a bike to enjoy the area's greenways. If you haven't enjoyed it yet, don't worry, it's a new service that we'll have almost all year.