A tour through the history of Calonge and Sant Antoni

The Medieval period in Calonge and Sant Antoni marked the future and character of the territory. Here are some of the key moments.


We transport you to the 8th century, when Calonge Castle began to be built, currently located in the middle of the town's old town. This castle, where you may have once strolled through the courtyard of arms or attended a summer concert, was founded by the Counts of Girona and is the first reference to the primitive Colònico of the late 19th century.


It is one of the largest fortresses in the Empordà that was built to keep an eye on Saracen raids, very common at that time. However, it will be from the 12th century when Calonge lives its first period of splendor under the power and jurisdiction of the barons of Cruïlles who dominated the cartel until the 15th century. The original construction was the place where the square tower is now and which was later expanded.


During Holy Week in Calonge, this period is commemorated, which transports us to the past through the magnificent Medieval Market, an annual event where we find fairs, workshops and many more activities, all around the castle which is decorated to welcome kings, lords and plebeians.


The watchtower that gives the beach its name, Platja de Torre Valentina, a tower that was built in the 16th century to defend the town from piracy. Originally, its function was defensive, warning of the presence of pirates who, since the 15th century, ravaged much of the coast of the peninsular levant causing havoc for decades.

Through bonfires and smoke signals, the lookouts in the tower warned the population of the interior of the presence of suspicious vessels. A defensive tower with a circular plan with three floors, separated by stone vaults, and a roof. Access had to be done by an external staircase, as the tower has neither a door nor internal stairs. Of the corsera, only the stone panels are preserved. Some windows and loopholes are opened. To the west is a larger window about three meters high that was probably the entrance to the tower.



The attack of the Turkish pirate Barba-roja is well known throughout the Empordà coast. In the town of Palamós, the squadron of this much-feared corsair arrived around 1543 and raided the area at a time when aggression and pirate attacks frequented the coasts everywhere.