A pinch of popular culture

So said, so done

Autumn is here but the cold ❄️ is not yet... Neither the heat wants to go away, nor the cold wants to end up hugging us... and with this mess our wardrobe hasn't just been put in order and the saying goes : "In autumn, neither hot nor cold..."

Catalan culture has a very rich collection of proverbs, and if we review the sayings that refer to autumn, we will be surprised to see that they themselves give us ideas of activities to discover in our territory.

Come on! Shall we prove it to you?!

➣ "Sunny September ☀️, good wine 🍷 guaranteed", saying referring to the agricultural work of the month. The saying takes into account that during the harvest season sunny days are better, also the high temperatures and the lack of precipitation in this period translate into a higher graduation of the wine.

➣ "The mushroom 🍄 and the moixernó, from October is the best", the trees and bushes magically change the green colors for yellow, tan and reddish tones.... And with autumn comes the mushrooms. Going for mushrooms is the general hobby of the Catalans, and that means that this country values ​​and loves the natural environment and wants to enjoy it.

➣ "For Saint Lucia, the oil    returns to the olive", or all oil is olive. During this time, the olives mature and acquire a consistency that gives color to the oil. For Santa Lucía, the harvest of the olives begins.

➣ "In November, good toast, chestnuts🌰 and fritters", this proverb talks about November's own delicacies.

And so we could go on and on... until we write a book.